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Convair JC-131B and North American T-28 Featured Whiting Print

Convair JC-131B and North American T-28

Convair JC-131B O-53-7789, (MSN 241), with a single Solar T41 APU in an underwing pylon-mounted pod, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Disposed of to MASDC (Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center) at Davis-Monthan Air Base in Arizona, as CS039, sold and placed on the civil registry as N1360D North American T-28B Trojan Bu Aer No.137671 (msn 200-34) Transferred to US Marine Corps and assigned to MCAS Quantico, VA. Assigned to NAS Whiting Field, FL. Struck Off Charge 7 December 1970. Transferred to USAF and converted to a T-28D-10. To NAS Pensacola, FL. and Struck Off Charge 11 December 1971. Assigned to the Military Assistance Program [MAP] and delivered to the Royal Thai Air Force as B.JF13-109/15 and Struck Off Charge 14 August 1984. Preserved and on display at Radio Station 015, Chiang Rai, Thailand, then to Tango Squadron at Chiang Mai International Airport in 1991. Date: 1970s

© The Peter Butt Aviation Collection / Mary Evans

West Oxfordshire OX29 9 Map Featured Whiting Print

West Oxfordshire OX29 9 Map

Postcode Sector Map of West Oxfordshire OX29 9

Asthall Leigh, B4047, Blackbird Assarts Lane, Breach Lane, Burford Road, Buttermilk Lane, Chapel Close, Chapel Lane, Chimney End, Church Lane, Crawley, Delly Close, Delly End, Delly Hill, Downhill Lane, Dry Lane, Fairspear Road, Farm Lane, Field Assarts, Fishers Close, Floreys Close, Fordwells, Fox Close, Foxburrow Lane, Giernalls Road, Greenwich Lane, Hailey, Hailey Road, Harolds Close, Hatching Lane, Hatfield Pits Lane, Heron Drive, Hewitts Close, Hicks Close, Kestrel Crescent, Leafield, Leafield Road, Linkwood Road, Middletown, Milking Lane, New Mill Lane, New Road, Northwood Road, Ox29, Ox29 9an, Ox29 9ne, Ox29 9nh, Ox29 9nj, Ox29 9nl, Ox29 9nn, Ox29 9np, Ox29 9nq, Ox29 9nr, Ox29 9ns, Ox29 9nt, Ox29 9nu, Ox29 9nw, Ox29 9nx, Ox29 9ny, Ox29 9nz, Ox29 9pe, Ox29 9pg, Ox29 9pj, Ox29 9pl, Ox29 9pn, Ox29 9pp, Ox29 9pq, Ox29 9pr, Ox29 9ps, Ox29 9pt, Ox29 9pu, Ox29 9pw, Ox29 9px, Ox29 9py, Ox29 9pz, Ox29 9qa, Ox29 9qb, Ox29 9qd, Ox29 9qe, Ox29 9qg, Ox29 9qh, Ox29 9qj, Ox29 9ql, Ox29 9qn, Ox29 9qp, Ox29 9qq, Ox29 9qr, Ox29 9qu, Ox29 9qw, Ox29 9ss, Ox29 9st, Ox29 9su, Ox29 9sx, Ox29 9ta, Ox29 9tb, Ox29 9td, Ox29 9te, Ox29 9tf, Ox29 9tg, Ox29 9th, Ox29 9tj, Ox29 9tl, Ox29 9tn, Ox29 9tp, Ox29 9tq, Ox29 9tr, Ox29 9ts, Ox29 9tt, Ox29 9tu, Ox29 9tw, Ox29 9tx, Ox29 9ty, Ox29 9tz, Ox29 9ua, Ox29 9ub, Ox29 9ud, Ox29 9ue, Ox29 9uf, Ox29 9ug, Ox29 9uh, Ox29 9uj, Ox29 9ul, Ox29 9un, Ox29 9up, Ox29 9ur, Ox29 9us, Ox29 9ut, Ox29 9uu, Ox29 9uw, Ox29 9ux, Ox29 9uy, Ox29 9uz, Ox29 9xa, Ox29 9xb, Ox29 9xd, Ox29 9xg, Ox29 9xh, Ox29 9xj, Ox29 9xl, Ox29 9xp, Ox29 9xq, Ox29 9xr, Ox29 9xs, Ox29 9xy, Painswick Close, Poffley End, Poffley End Lane, Priest Hill Lane, Purrants Lane, Riding Lane, Saint Johns Lane, Skylark Way, Squirrel Gardens, St Johns Lane, Stanway Close, Swanhall Lane, The Riding, The Ridings, Towns End, Turley Lane, Water Lane, West Lane, West Oxfordshire, Whiteoak Green, Whitings Lane, Windrush Park Road, Witney Hill, Witney Lane, Witney Road, Wood Lane

East Riding of Yorkshire HU16 4 Map Featured Whiting Print

East Riding of Yorkshire HU16 4 Map

Postcode Sector Map of East Riding of Yorkshire HU16 4

Allanson Drive, Apple Tree Walk, Arlington Avenue, B1233, Bacon Garth Lane, Bailey Lane, Barker Close, Beck Bank, Beechdale, Bricknell Avenue, Broad Lane Close, Brockenhurst Avenue, Canongate, Carisbrooke Avenue, Carrington Avenue, Cedar Avenue, Cleminson Gardens, Cornwall Street, Cottingham, Creyke Close, Crofters Drive, Devon Street, Dunswell Road, East Riding Of Yorkshire, Elmfield Drive, Endyke Lane, Exeter Street, Finkle Street, Formby Close, Gordon Park, Hall Walk, Holtby Avenue, Hornbeam Drive, Hornbeam Walk, Hoylake Close, Hu16, Hu16 4aa, Hu16 4ab, Hu16 4ad, Hu16 4ae, Hu16 4af, Hu16 4ag, Hu16 4ah, Hu16 4aj, Hu16 4al, Hu16 4ap, Hu16 4aq, Hu16 4ar, Hu16 4as, Hu16 4at, Hu16 4au, Hu16 4aw, Hu16 4ax, Hu16 4ay, Hu16 4az, Hu16 4bb, Hu16 4bd, Hu16 4be, Hu16 4bg, Hu16 4bh, Hu16 4bj, Hu16 4bl, Hu16 4bn, Hu16 4bp, Hu16 4bq, Hu16 4bs, Hu16 4bt, Hu16 4bw, Hu16 4bx, Hu16 4by, Hu16 4da, Hu16 4db, Hu16 4dd, Hu16 4de, Hu16 4df, Hu16 4dg, Hu16 4dh, Hu16 4dj, Hu16 4dl, Hu16 4dn, Hu16 4dp, Hu16 4dq, Hu16 4dr, Hu16 4ds, Hu16 4dt, Hu16 4du, Hu16 4dw, Hu16 4dx, Hu16 4dy, Hu16 4dz, Hu16 4ea, Hu16 4eb, Hu16 4ed, Hu16 4eh, Hu16 4ej, Hu16 4el, Hu16 4en, Hu16 4ep, Hu16 4eq, Hu16 4er, Hu16 4es, Hu16 4et, Hu16 4eu, Hu16 4ex, Hu16 4ey, Hu16 4ez, Hu16 4ha, Hu16 4hb, Hu16 4hd, Hu16 4he, Hu16 4hg, Hu16 4hh, Hu16 4hj, Hu16 4hl, Hu16 4hn, Hu16 4hp, Hu16 4hq, Hu16 4hx, Hu16 4hy, Hu16 4ja, Hu16 4jb, Hu16 4jd, Hu16 4je, Hu16 4jf, Hu16 4jg, Hu16 4jh, Hu16 4jj, Hu16 4jl, Hu16 4jn, Hu16 4jp, Hu16 4jq, Hu16 4jr, Hu16 4js, Hu16 4jt, Hu16 4jw, Hu16 4jx, Hu16 4lf, Hu16 4lh, Hu16 4lj, Hu16 4ll, Hu16 4lq, Hu16 4ls, Hu16 4lt, Hu16 4lu, Hu16 4lx, Hu16 4ly, Hu16 4lz, Hu16 4na, Hu16 4nb, Hu16 4nd, Hu16 4ne, Hu16 4nf, Hu16 4ng, Hu16 4nh, Hu16 4nj, Hu16 4nl, Hu16 4nn, Hu16 4np, Hu16 4nq, Hu16 4pa, Hu16 4pb, Hu16 4pd, Hu16 4pe, Hu16 4pf, Hu16 4pj, Hu16 4pl, Hu16 4pn, Hu16 4pp, Hu16 4pr, Hu16 4ps, Hu16 4pt, Hu16 4pu, Hu16 4pw, Hu16 4px, Hu16 4py, Hu16 4pz, Hu16 4qa, Hu16 4qb, Hu16 4qd, Hu16 4qe, Hu16 4qf, Hu16 4qg, Hu16 4qh, Hu16 4qj, Hu16 4ql, Hu16 4qn, Hu16 4qp, Hu16 4qq, Hu16 4qr, Hu16 4qt, Hu16 4qu, Hu16 4qw, Hu16 4qx, Hu16 4qz, Hu16 4ra, Hu16 4rb, Hu16 4re, Hu16 4rf, Hu16 4rh, Hu16 4rj, Hu16 4rl, Hu16 4rn, Hu16 4rp, Hu16 4rq, Hu16 4rr, Hu16 4rs, Hu16 4rt, Hu16 4ru, Hu16 4rw, Hu16 4rx, Hu16 4ry, Hu16 4rz, Hu16 4sa, Hu16 4sb, Hu16 4sd, Hu16 4se, Hu16 4xx, Hu16 4yd, Hull Road, Inglemire Lane, Jesmond Road, Ken Smith Way, Kennington Walk, Kingsway, Kingtree Avenue, Kirby Drive, Kirk Croft, Larkin Avenue, Lawson Avenue, Linden Avenue, Loatley Green, Longmans Lane, Lyndhurst Avenue, Lynngarth Avenue, Lytham Drive, Merchant Way, Middledyke Lane, Mill Beck Lane, Mill Walk, Millhouse Woods Lane, New Finkle Court, New Village, New Village Road, Newgate Street, Nicholsons Court, North Moor Lane, Nursery View, Nursery Walk, Orchard Croft, Outlands Road, Overland Road, Pillwood Avenue, Priory Crescent, Priory Road, Queens Close, Queens Drive, Queens Gate, Queens Way, Regents Court, Royal Courts, Royal Walk, Snuff Mill Lane, South Street, Spencer Way, St Annes Drive, St Davids Close, Station Road, Stephensons Walk, Swift Close, The Covert, The Orchard, The Paddock, Thwaite Street, Tinley Close, Victorias Way, Wainfleet Avenue, Walnut Close, Wanlass Drive, Wasdale Green, Whiting Close, Whitsun Grove, Windsor Close, Wood Lane