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American Progress Featured Bison Print

American Progress

Painting entitled American Progress, by John Gast, depicting Manifest Destiny (the religious belief that the United States should expand from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean in the name of God). In 1872 artist John Gast painted a popular scene of people moving west that captured the view of Americans at the time. Called Spirit of the Frontier and widely distributed as an engraving portrayed settlers moving west, guided and protected by a goddess-like figure and aided by technology (railways, telegraphs), driving Native Americans and bison into obscurity. It is also important to note that angel is bringing the light as witnessed on the eastern side of the painting as she travels towards the darkened west. USA, circa 1872. (Photo by Fotosearch/Getty Images)

© 2010 Getty Images

American Bison / Buffalo - male (large) and female (smaller) in rut. The bull enters the matriarchal herd and displays flehmen and tending behavior Featured Bison Print

American Bison / Buffalo - male (large) and female (smaller) in rut. The bull enters the matriarchal herd and displays flehmen and tending behavior

American Bison / Buffalo - male (large) and female (smaller) in rut. The bull enters the matriarchal herd and displays "flehmen" and "tending behavior".
Wyoming, USA
Bison bison
Flehmen consists of curling the lip back and extending the neck and is thought to enhance the sense of smell. He "tends" a female by remaining between her and the herd in an attempt to keep the cow isolated. Inhabits plains - prairies and river valleys and sometimes forests. Grazes on grasses, sedge and forbs.
John Cancalosi
Please note that prints are for personal display purposes only and may not be reproduced in any way

© John Cancalosi/

Bison (or Buffalo) below the Grand Teton Mountains Featured Bison Print

Bison (or Buffalo) below the Grand Teton Mountains

Bison on the prairie below the Grand Teton Range. Fall colors on the Grand Teton Mountain Range. Bison (or Buffalo) migrate out of Yellowstone National Park in winter

© Matt Anderson Photography

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