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Enfield in Boroughs can be found in London, England, United Kingdom in Europe

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Our ?Little Contemptibles?, 1914 Featured Enfield Print

Our ?Little Contemptibles?, 1914

Our ?Little Contemptibles?, 1914.Oil on canvas by William Barns Wollen (1857-1936), 1918 (c); exhibited at the Royal Academy 1918 (No 260).Composed of regular soldiers and reservists, the British Expeditionary Force landed on the Continent in August in 1914. During the early months of World War One (1914-1918) it was engaged in slowing down the German advance. This painting depicts open warfare with British infantry wearing large packs, taking cover behind a hedge; German artillery in the distance. The British Army?s experiences in the Boer War (1899-1902) had resulted in major reforms in organization, administration, tactics, weapons and equipment. Introduced in 1906, the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield rifle, shown in this painting, enabled troops to produce very rapid, accurate fire. Infantry training now placed more emphasis on the ability to shoot straight and fast, and on mobility. These professional soldiers, drilled in new methods of attack, defence, and withdrawal, were taught to take greater advantage of cover.The title of the canvas relates to an order given by Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany (1859 -1941) to the commander of his First Army, Alexander von Kluck (1846-1934), in August, 1914:- ?It is my Royal and Imperial Command that you concentrate your energies? and all the valour of my soldiers to exterminate first the treacherous English; walk over General French's insignificant [or contemptible] little Army. In fact the German advance was checked, and the men of the British and Indian Expeditionary Forces who survived these heavy engagements proudly adopted the ironic title, ?The Old Contemptibles?. These men who served between the outbreak of war and midnight on 22 November 1914 were awarded the 1914 Star.In the 1880s, the artist, William Barns Wollen, served in the 20th (Artists?) Volunteer Battalion, The Rifle Brigade (The Prince Consort?s Own), popularly known as the Artists? Rifles. Date: 1914

© The National Army Museum / Mary Evans Picture Library

Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield 1871 Featured Enfield Print

Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield 1871

Various scene inside the government-owned rifle factory, Royal Small-Arms Factory, Enfield. Date: 1871

© Illustrated London News Ltd/Bubblepunk

Pembrokeshire SA62 3 Map Featured Enfield Print

Pembrokeshire SA62 3 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Pembrokeshire SA62 3

A4076, Acorn Drive, Allendale Drive, Atlantic Drive, B4327, B4341, Beachfields, Bicton Road, Blockett Lane, Blue Anchor Way, Bracken Way, Brickhurst Close, Brickhurst Park, Broad Haven, Broadway, Brookside, Brookside Avenue, Brookside Close, Bulford Close, Bulford Road, Burgage Green Close, Burgage Green Road, Cadogan Close, Cairn Terrace, Castle Road, Castle Way, Chestnut Tree Drive, Church Close, Church Road, Clay Lane, Cotts Road, Cranham Park, Croft Road, Dale, Deer Park Close, Denant Hill, Dreenhill, Driftwood Close, Druidston, Eldergrove, Enfield Road, Fair View, Folkeston Hill, Folkeston Road, Gay Lane, Gilton Lane, Glebe Lane, Glebelands, Grassholm Place, Green Lane, Green Meadow Close, Greenhall Park, Grove Place, Grove Road, Hall Court, Haroldston Hill, Haroldston West, Hasguard, Hayston Road, Hayston View, Heath Close, Hillcroft, Holbrook Close, Holbrook Road, Johnston, Kiln Road, Lambston, Lambston Hill, Langford Road, Leys Lane, Little Haven, Long Lane, Maes Yr Ysgol, Marine Road, Marloes, Meadow Lane, Middlekilns Road, Milford Road, Millmoor Way, Moors Road, Mount Lane, Musselwick Road, Nolton, Nolton Haven, North Hall Estate, North Lane, Orchard Court, Pembrokeshire, Point Road, Portfield Gate, Puffin Way, Rosehill Court, Sa62, Sa62 3aa, Sa62 3ab, Sa62 3ad, Sa62 3ae, Sa62 3af, Sa62 3ag, Sa62 3ah, Sa62 3aj, Sa62 3al, Sa62 3an, Sa62 3ap, Sa62 3aq, Sa62 3ar, Sa62 3as, Sa62 3at, Sa62 3aw, Sa62 3ax, Sa62 3ay, Sa62 3az, Sa62 3ba, Sa62 3bb, Sa62 3bd, Sa62 3be, Sa62 3bg, Sa62 3bh, Sa62 3bj, Sa62 3bl, Sa62 3bn, Sa62 3bp, Sa62 3bq, Sa62 3br, Sa62 3bu, Sa62 3bw, Sa62 3bx, Sa62 3by, Sa62 3bz, Sa62 3da, Sa62 3db, Sa62 3dd, Sa62 3de, Sa62 3df, Sa62 3dg, Sa62 3dh, Sa62 3dj, Sa62 3dl, Sa62 3dn, Sa62 3dq, Sa62 3dr, Sa62 3ds, Sa62 3dt, Sa62 3du, Sa62 3dw, Sa62 3dx, Sa62 3dy, Sa62 3dz, Sa62 3ea, Sa62 3eb, Sa62 3ed, Sa62 3ee, Sa62 3eg, Sa62 3ej, Sa62 3el, Sa62 3en, Sa62 3ep, Sa62 3er, Sa62 3es, Sa62 3et, Sa62 3eu, Sa62 3ew, Sa62 3ex, Sa62 3ey, Sa62 3ga, Sa62 3gb, Sa62 3ha, Sa62 3hb, Sa62 3hd, Sa62 3he, Sa62 3hf, Sa62 3hg, Sa62 3hh, Sa62 3hj, Sa62 3hl, Sa62 3hn, Sa62 3hp, Sa62 3hq, Sa62 3hr, Sa62 3hs, Sa62 3ht, Sa62 3hu, Sa62 3hw, Sa62 3hx, Sa62 3hy, Sa62 3hz, Sa62 3ja, Sa62 3jb, Sa62 3jd, Sa62 3je, Sa62 3jf, Sa62 3jg, Sa62 3jh, Sa62 3jj, Sa62 3jl, Sa62 3jn, Sa62 3jp, Sa62 3jq, Sa62 3jr, Sa62 3js, Sa62 3jt, Sa62 3ju, Sa62 3jw, Sa62 3jx, Sa62 3jy, Sa62 3jz, Sa62 3la, Sa62 3lb, Sa62 3ld, Sa62 3le, Sa62 3lf, Sa62 3lg, Sa62 3lh, Sa62 3lj, Sa62 3ll, Sa62 3ln, Sa62 3lp, Sa62 3lq, Sa62 3lr, Sa62 3ls, Sa62 3lt, Sa62 3lu, Sa62 3lw, Sa62 3ly, Sa62 3lz, Sa62 3na, Sa62 3nb, Sa62 3nd, Sa62 3ne, Sa62 3nf, Sa62 3ng, Sa62 3nh, Sa62 3nj, Sa62 3nl, Sa62 3nn, Sa62 3np, Sa62 3nq, Sa62 3nr, Sa62 3ns, Sa62 3nu, Sa62 3nw, Sa62 3nx, Sa62 3ny, Sa62 3nz, Sa62 3pa, Sa62 3pb, Sa62 3pd, Sa62 3pe, Sa62 3pf, Sa62 3ph, Sa62 3pj, Sa62 3pl, Sa62 3pn, Sa62 3pp, Sa62 3pq, Sa62 3pr, Sa62 3ps, Sa62 3pt, Sa62 3pu, Sa62 3pw, Sa62 3px, Sa62 3py, Sa62 3pz, Sa62 3qa, Sa62 3qb, Sa62 3qd, Sa62 3qe, Sa62 3qf, Sa62 3qg, Sa62 3qh, Sa62 3qj, Sa62 3ql, Sa62 3qn, Sa62 3qp, Sa62 3qq, Sa62 3qr, Sa62 3qs, Sa62 3qt, Sa62 3qu, Sa62 3qw, Sa62 3qx, Sa62 3qy, Sa62 3qz, Sa62 3ra, Sa62 3rb, Sa62 3rd, Sa62 3re, Sa62 3rf, Sa62 3rg, Sa62 3rh, Sa62 3rj, Sa62 3rl, Sa62 3rn, Sa62 3rp, Sa62 3rq, Sa62 3rr, Sa62 3rs, Sa62 3rt, Sa62 3sa, Sa62 3sb, Sa62 3sd, Sa62 3se, Sa62 3sf, Sa62 3sg, Sa62 3sh, Sa62 3sj, Sa62 3sl, Sa62 3sn, Sa62 3sp, Sa62 3sr, Sa62 3ss, Sa62 3st, Sa62 3su, Sa62 3sw, Sa62 3sx, Sa62 3sy, Sa62 3sz, Sa62 3ta, Sa62 3tb, Sa62 3td, Sa62 3te, Sa62 3tg, Sa62 3th, Sa62 3tj, Sa62 3tl, Sa62 3tn, Sa62 3tp, Sa62 3tr, Sa62 3ts, Sa62 3tt, Sa62 3tu, Sa62 3tx, Sa62 3ty, Sa62 3ua, Sa62 3ub, Sa62 3ud, Sa62 3ue, Sa62 3uf, Sa62 3ug, Sa62 3uh, Sa62 3uj, Sa62 3ul, Sa62 3un, Sa62 3up, Sa62 3uq, Sa62 3ur, Sa62 3us, Sa62 3ut, Sa62 3uu, Sa62 3ux, Sa62 3xa, Sa62 3xb, Sa62 3xd, Sa62 3xe, Sa62 3xg, Sa62 3xh, Sandy Haven, Sandy Lane, Sandyke Lane, Sandyke Road, Settlands Hill, Silverdale Close, South Street, St Anns Head, St Brides, St Brides Road, St Ishmaels, St Peters Road, Station Road, Strawberry Close, Strawberry Hill, Sutton, Swanswell Close, Talbenny, Tall Trees Close, Taskers Lane, Temperness Lane, The Close, The Crescent, Tiers Cross, Tower View, Town Meadows, Trafalgar Terrace, Trewarren Close, Trewarren Drive, Trewarren Road, Tudor Place, Victoria Gardens, Vine Road, Walton Hill, Walton Road, Walton West, Walwyns Castle, Welsh Road, Wesley Road, West Lane, Wilson Meadow, Woodlands View