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Merton in Boroughs can be found in London, England, United Kingdom in Europe

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The Lennox-Boyd brothers. Around 1915 Featured Merton Print

The Lennox-Boyd brothers. Around 1915

Studio photograph of Alan Tindal Lennox-Boyd with his brothers. From left to right: George Edward Lennox-Boyd (1902-1943), Alan Tindal Lennox-Boyd (1904-1983), Donald Breay Hague Lennox-Boyd (1906-1939), Francis Gordon Lennox-Boyd (1909-1944). The boys are dressed in outfits resembling First World War British Army officer uniforms. Born on 18th November 1904, Alan was the son of Alan Walter Lennox-Boyd and Florence Annie Begbie. Educated at Sherborne School, Dorset, and Christ Church, Oxford, he married Lady Patricia Florence Susan Guinness on 29th December 1938 and died on 8th March 1983. He held the office of Member of Parliament (Conservative) for Mid-Bedfordshire between 1931 and 1960, holding the positions of Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Labour in 1938, Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Aircraft Production in 1943, Minister of State for Colonial Affairs 1951-1952, Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation, 1952-1954 and Secretary of State for Colonial Affairs, 1954-1959. He served as Lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve during the Second World War, was admitted to Inner Temple in 1941 and entitled to practise as a Barrister at Law. Appointed Privy Counsellor in 1951, he held the office of Deputy Lieutenant of Bedfordshire between 1954 and 1960, was managing director of Arthur Guinness & Sons between 1959 and 1967 and appointed Companion of Honour in 1960. He was created 1st Viscount Boyd of Merton in September 1960 and that same year, his wife, Patricia, Viscountess Boyd, purchased Ince Castle in St Stephens by Saltash, Cornwall. In 1965, Viscount Boyd held the office of Deputy Lieutenant of Cornwall. He died on 8th March 1983. The Boyd family lived at Ince Castle until 2018. George, a Major in the Highland Light Infantry, died in a military hospital in Scotland; Donald, a Captain in the Scots Guards, died in custody in Germany in events leading up to the Second World War; Francis, a Major in the Royal Scots Greys, was killed in action at Normandy, France, during the Second World War while leading 22nd Independent Parachute Company. Photographer: James Habgood, Boscombe

© From the collection of the RIC

'Hammersmith Carpet Weaving at Merton Abbey Works', . Creator: Unknown Featured Merton Print

'Hammersmith Carpet Weaving at Merton Abbey Works', . Creator: Unknown

'Hammersmith Carpet Weaving at Merton Abbey Works', late 19th century. Female weaver at a loom at Merton Abbey Mills in south London. The Abbey buildings were renovated and adapted for textile printing at the beginning of the 19th century, and acquired by the artist and textile designer William Morris (1834-1896) in 1881. Morris had started to weave his first carpets at Kelmscott House, his home in Hammersmith. From "Modern Art Monographs"

© The Print Collector/Heritage Images

Wandsworth SW18 5 Map Featured Merton Print

Wandsworth SW18 5 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Wandsworth SW18 5

Alverstone Avenue, Arcadian Place, Arnal Crescent, Artemis Place, Astonville Street, Balvernie Grove, Bell Drive, Bowman Mews, Braemar Avenue, Brookwood Road, Clonmore Street, Combemartin Road, Crowthorne Close, Durnsford Avenue, Elborough Street, Elsenham Street, Engadine Street, Findon Close, Gatwick Road, Girdwood Road, Granville Road, Hambledon Road, Hanford Close, Heythorp Street, Lainson Street, Lavenham Road, Limes Gardens, Linstead Way, Longfield Street, Melrose Avenue, Merton Road, Morris Gardens, Normanton Avenue, Pirbright Road, Pulborough Road, Replingham Road, Revelstoke Road, Royal Orchard Close, Seymour Road, Skeena Hill, Smeaton Road, Southfields, Standen Road, Sutherland Grove, Sw18, Sw18 5ab, Sw18 5ad, Sw18 5ae, Sw18 5af, Sw18 5ag, Sw18 5ah, Sw18 5aj, Sw18 5al, Sw18 5an, Sw18 5ap, Sw18 5aq, Sw18 5ar, Sw18 5as, Sw18 5at, Sw18 5au, Sw18 5aw, Sw18 5ax, Sw18 5ay, Sw18 5az, Sw18 5ba, Sw18 5bb, Sw18 5bd, Sw18 5bg, Sw18 5bh, Sw18 5bj, Sw18 5bl, Sw18 5bn, Sw18 5bp, Sw18 5bq, Sw18 5bs, Sw18 5bt, Sw18 5bu, Sw18 5bw, Sw18 5bx, Sw18 5by, Sw18 5bz, Sw18 5da, Sw18 5db, Sw18 5dd, Sw18 5dh, Sw18 5dj, Sw18 5dl, Sw18 5dn, Sw18 5dp, Sw18 5dr, Sw18 5ds, Sw18 5dt, Sw18 5du, Sw18 5dw, Sw18 5eb, Sw18 5ed, Sw18 5ee, Sw18 5ef, Sw18 5eh, Sw18 5ej, Sw18 5en, Sw18 5ep, Sw18 5eq, Sw18 5er, Sw18 5es, Sw18 5et, Sw18 5eu, Sw18 5ex, Sw18 5ey, Sw18 5ez, Sw18 5ha, Sw18 5hb, Sw18 5hd, Sw18 5he, Sw18 5hf, Sw18 5hj, Sw18 5hl, Sw18 5hn, Sw18 5hp, Sw18 5hr, Sw18 5hs, Sw18 5ht, Sw18 5hw, Sw18 5hy, Sw18 5ja, Sw18 5jb, Sw18 5jd, Sw18 5je, Sw18 5jf, Sw18 5jg, Sw18 5jh, Sw18 5jj, Sw18 5jl, Sw18 5jn, Sw18 5jp, Sw18 5jq, Sw18 5jr, Sw18 5js, Sw18 5ju, Sw18 5jw, Sw18 5jx, Sw18 5jy, Sw18 5jz, Sw18 5la, Sw18 5lb, Sw18 5ld, Sw18 5le, Sw18 5lj, Sw18 5ll, Sw18 5ln, Sw18 5lp, Sw18 5lr, Sw18 5ls, Sw18 5lt, Sw18 5lu, Sw18 5lw, Sw18 5lx, Sw18 5ly, Sw18 5lz, Sw18 5na, Sw18 5nb, Sw18 5nd, Sw18 5nj, Sw18 5nl, Sw18 5nn, Sw18 5np, Sw18 5nr, Sw18 5ns, Sw18 5nt, Sw18 5nu, Sw18 5nw, Sw18 5nx, Sw18 5ny, Sw18 5nz, Sw18 5pa, Sw18 5pb, Sw18 5pd, Sw18 5pj, Sw18 5pl, Sw18 5pn, Sw18 5pp, Sw18 5pr, Sw18 5ps, Sw18 5pt, Sw18 5pu, Sw18 5pw, Sw18 5px, Sw18 5py, Sw18 5pz, Sw18 5qa, Sw18 5qb, Sw18 5qd, Sw18 5qe, Sw18 5qh, Sw18 5qj, Sw18 5ql, Sw18 5qn, Sw18 5qp, Sw18 5qr, Sw18 5qs, Sw18 5qt, Sw18 5qu, Sw18 5qw, Sw18 5qx, Sw18 5qy, Sw18 5ra, Sw18 5rd, Sw18 5re, Sw18 5rf, Sw18 5rg, Sw18 5rh, Sw18 5rj, Sw18 5rl, Sw18 5rp, Sw18 5rq, Sw18 5rr, Sw18 5rs, Sw18 5rt, Sw18 5ru, Sw18 5rw, Sw18 5rx, Sw18 5sb, Sw18 5sd, Sw18 5se, Sw18 5sf, Sw18 5sg, Sw18 5sh, Sw18 5sj, Sw18 5sl, Sw18 5sn, Sw18 5sp, Sw18 5sq, Sw18 5sr, Sw18 5ss, Sw18 5st, Sw18 5su, Sw18 5sw, Sw18 5sx, Sw18 5sy, Sw18 5ta, Sw18 5tb, Sw18 5tf, Sw18 5tg, Sw18 5th, Sw18 5tn, Sw18 5tq, Sw18 5tr, Sw18 5ts, Sw18 5tt, Sw18 5tu, Sw18 5tx, Sw18 5ty, Sw18 5tz, Sw18 5ua, Sw18 5ub, Sw18 5ud, Sw18 5ue, Sw18 5uf, Sw18 5ug, Sw18 5uh, Sw18 5uj, Sw18 5ul, Sw18 5un, Sw18 5uq, Sw18 5xe, Sw18 5yb, The Baulk, Trentham Street, Wandsworth, Whitelands Crescent, Wimbledon Park Road, Wincanton Road, Wolseley Avenue