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The Tabard or Talbot Inn DD97_00055 Featured Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine's Abbey, and St Martin's Church Print

The Tabard or Talbot Inn DD97_00055

Tabard Inn, Talbot Yard, Southwark, London. A view of the courtyard with a wagon in the foreground and a group of people. The Tabard was an established inn during the Middle Ages and features in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, written in the late 14th century. The pilgims met here before setting out on their journey to the Cathedral. The inn burnt down in 1676 and it is the rebuilt one (which may be based on the original building) that is pictured here. As a coaching inn it suffered from the coming of the railways. Renamed the Talbot Inn, the buildings around the courtyard were used as storerooms in the 19th century, but it was sold in 1873 and demolished shortly afterwards. Photographed by York & Son 1870-73

© Historic England

Damage to Canterbury Cathedral Library, WW2 - Baedeker Blitz Featured Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine's Abbey, and St Martin's Church Print

Damage to Canterbury Cathedral Library, WW2 - Baedeker Blitz

"Canterbury under fire" - Damage sustained to the Cathedal LIbrary examined by Dr. Hewlett Johnson, Dean of Canterbury, by bombing on the city by German planes of the luftwaffe during WW2. The Baedeker Blitz (or Baedeker raids) were targeted raids, chosen for hitting sites of cultural or historical significance, rather than for any military value. The raid on Canterbury (which coincided with the RAF's 1, 000 bomber raid on Cologne), involved 77 bombers, dropping 40 tons of bombs, resulting in 43 deaths. This raid hit Canterbury on 31st May, 1942. Date: 1942

© Mary Evans / Grenville Collins Postcard Collection

East Riding of Yorkshire HU17 8 Map Featured Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine's Abbey, and St Martin's Church Print

East Riding of Yorkshire HU17 8 Map

Postcode Sector Map of East Riding of Yorkshire HU17 8

A164, Admiral Walker Road, Albert Terrace, Alexandra Drive, All Hallows Road, Apple Tree Yard, Ash Dene, Atkinson Way, Autherd Garth, B1230, Balmoral Drive, Bartlett Avenue, Basil Drive, Bay Court, Beaumont Drive, Beech View, Bentley, Berkeley Drive, Berkshire Close, Beverley, Beverley Road, Birch Lea, Bishop Burton, Bishops Croft, Blackthorn Garth, Blenheim Road, Bluestone Bottoms, Bramble Garth, Bramble Hill, Broadgate, Browns Way, Bryan Mere, Bullfinch Close, Burton Gates, Butt Lane, Calais Croft, Callas, Canterbury Close, Carlton Court, Carlton Rise, Cartwright Lane, Cathedral Close, Cavendish Drive, Central Avenue, Champney Road, Chatsworth Close, Chester Avenue, Church Lane, Cold Harbour Road, Cold Harbour View, Colleridge Grove, Coppleflat Lane, Coriander Close, Cottage Field, Cow Wold Road, Crake Wells, Cross Keys Mews, Dale Gate, Deer Park Way, Dog Kennel Lane, Dunflat Road, Dunnock Drive, Durham Mews, East End, East Riding Of Yorkshire, Eastwood Road, Ellerker Road, Elvidge Court, Elwell Avenue, Empson Terrace, Ferguson Road, Figham Springs Way, Finchcroft Lane, Finkle Street, Fisher Square, Foley Avenue, Gardham Close, Garth Ends Road, George Lane, Globe Mews, Granary Croft, Grayburn Lane, Greyfriars Crescent, Grosvenor Place, Guildford Close, Hall Walk, Hayride Close, Hayward Close, Hearst Close, Hengate, Hereford Close, Hobson Close, Holly Bush Way, Hu17, Hu17 8aa, Hu17 8ad, Hu17 8ae, Hu17 8af, Hu17 8ag, Hu17 8aj, Hu17 8al, Hu17 8ap, Hu17 8aq, Hu17 8ar, Hu17 8as, Hu17 8at, Hu17 8au, Hu17 8ax, Hu17 8ay, Hu17 8az, Hu17 8ba, Hu17 8bb, Hu17 8bd, Hu17 8be, Hu17 8bf, Hu17 8bg, Hu17 8bh, Hu17 8bj, Hu17 8bl, Hu17 8bn, Hu17 8bp, Hu17 8bq, Hu17 8bs, Hu17 8bt, Hu17 8bx, Hu17 8by, Hu17 8bz, Hu17 8da, Hu17 8db, Hu17 8dd, Hu17 8de, Hu17 8df, Hu17 8dg, Hu17 8dh, Hu17 8dj, Hu17 8dl, Hu17 8dn, Hu17 8dp, Hu17 8dr, Hu17 8ds, Hu17 8dt, Hu17 8du, Hu17 8dx, Hu17 8dy, Hu17 8dz, Hu17 8eb, Hu17 8ed, Hu17 8ee, Hu17 8ef, Hu17 8eg, Hu17 8eh, Hu17 8ej, Hu17 8el, Hu17 8en, Hu17 8ep, Hu17 8et, Hu17 8eu, Hu17 8ex, Hu17 8ey, Hu17 8fa, Hu17 8fd, Hu17 8ff, Hu17 8fg, Hu17 8fh, Hu17 8fj, Hu17 8fl, Hu17 8fn, Hu17 8fp, Hu17 8fq, Hu17 8fr, Hu17 8fs, Hu17 8ft, Hu17 8fw, Hu17 8fx, Hu17 8fy, Hu17 8fz, Hu17 8ga, Hu17 8gd, Hu17 8ge, Hu17 8gf, Hu17 8gg, Hu17 8gh, Hu17 8gj, Hu17 8gl, Hu17 8gn, Hu17 8gp, Hu17 8gq, Hu17 8gr, Hu17 8gs, Hu17 8gt, Hu17 8gw, Hu17 8ha, Hu17 8hb, Hu17 8hd, Hu17 8he, Hu17 8hf, Hu17 8hg, Hu17 8hh, Hu17 8hj, Hu17 8hl, Hu17 8hn, Hu17 8hp, Hu17 8hq, Hu17 8hr, Hu17 8hs, Hu17 8ht, Hu17 8hu, Hu17 8hw, Hu17 8hx, Hu17 8hy, Hu17 8hz, Hu17 8ja, Hu17 8jb, Hu17 8jd, Hu17 8je, Hu17 8jf, Hu17 8jg, Hu17 8jh, Hu17 8jj, Hu17 8jl, Hu17 8jn, Hu17 8jp, Hu17 8jq, Hu17 8jr, Hu17 8js, Hu17 8jt, Hu17 8ju, Hu17 8jw, Hu17 8jx, Hu17 8jy, Hu17 8jz, Hu17 8la, Hu17 8lb, Hu17 8ld, Hu17 8le, Hu17 8lg, Hu17 8lh, Hu17 8lj, Hu17 8ll, Hu17 8ln, Hu17 8lp, Hu17 8lr, Hu17 8ls, Hu17 8lt, Hu17 8lu, Hu17 8lx, Hu17 8ly, Hu17 8lz, Hu17 8na, Hu17 8nb, Hu17 8nd, Hu17 8ne, Hu17 8nf, Hu17 8ng, Hu17 8nh, Hu17 8nj, Hu17 8nl, Hu17 8nn, Hu17 8np, Hu17 8nq, Hu17 8nr, Hu17 8ns, Hu17 8nt, Hu17 8nu, Hu17 8nw, Hu17 8nx, Hu17 8ny, Hu17 8nz, Hu17 8pa, Hu17 8pd, Hu17 8pe, Hu17 8pf, Hu17 8pg, Hu17 8ph, Hu17 8pj, Hu17 8pl, Hu17 8pn, Hu17 8pp, Hu17 8pq, Hu17 8pr, Hu17 8ps, Hu17 8pt, Hu17 8pu, Hu17 8pw, Hu17 8px, Hu17 8py, Hu17 8pz, Hu17 8qa, Hu17 8qb, Hu17 8qd, Hu17 8qe, Hu17 8qf, Hu17 8qg, Hu17 8qh, Hu17 8qj, Hu17 8ql, Hu17 8qp, Hu17 8qq, Hu17 8qr, Hu17 8qs, Hu17 8qt, Hu17 8qu, Hu17 8qw, Hu17 8qx, Hu17 8qy, Hu17 8qz, Hu17 8ra, Hu17 8rf, Hu17 8rg, Hu17 8rh, Hu17 8rj, Hu17 8rn, Hu17 8rp, Hu17 8rq, Hu17 8rr, Hu17 8rs, Hu17 8rt, Hu17 8ru, Hu17 8rw, Hu17 8rx, Hu17 8ry, Hu17 8rz, Hu17 8sa, Hu17 8sb, Hu17 8sd, Hu17 8se, Hu17 8sf, Hu17 8sg, Hu17 8sh, Hu17 8sj, Hu17 8sl, Hu17 8sn, Hu17 8sp, Hu17 8sq, Hu17 8sr, Hu17 8ss, Hu17 8st, Hu17 8su, Hu17 8sx, Hu17 8sy, Hu17 8sz, Hu17 8ta, Hu17 8tb, Hu17 8td, Hu17 8te, Hu17 8tf, Hu17 8tg, Hu17 8th, Hu17 8tj, Hu17 8tl, Hu17 8tn, Hu17 8tp, Hu17 8tq, Hu17 8tr, Hu17 8ts, Hu17 8tt, Hu17 8tu, Hu17 8tw, Hu17 8tx, Hu17 8ty, Hu17 8ua, Hu17 8ub, Hu17 8ud, Hu17 8ue, Hu17 8uf, Hu17 8ug, Hu17 8uh, Hu17 8uj, Hu17 8ul, Hu17 8un, Hu17 8up, Hu17 8uq, Hu17 8ur, Hu17 8us, Hu17 8ut, Hu17 8uu, Hu17 8uw, Hu17 8ux, Hu17 8uy, Hu17 8uz, Hu17 8wa, Hu17 8wb, Hu17 8wd, Hu17 8we, Hu17 8wf, Hu17 8wg, Hu17 8wh, Hu17 8wj, Hu17 8xa, Hu17 8xb, Hu17 8xd, Hu17 8xe, Hu17 8xf, Hu17 8xg, Hu17 8xh, Hu17 8xj, Hu17 8xl, Hu17 8xn, Hu17 8xp, Hu17 8xq, Hu17 8xx, Hu17 8xy, Hu17 8xz, Hu17 8ya, Hu17 8yb, Hu17 8yd, Hu17 8ye, Hu17 8yf, Hu17 8yg, Hu17 8yh, Hu17 8yp, Hunsley Road, Huzzard Close, Inglefield Close, Isbel Lane, Joby Lane, Jolley Drive, Juniper Chase, Keldgate, Keldgate Bar, Keldgate Close, Keldgate Road, Killingwoldgraves Lane, Kirk Lane, Kitchen Lane, Ladygate, Lairgate, Landress Lane, Laurel Court, Lavender Walk, Lawson Close, Leathley Close, Lichfield Close, Lincoln Way, Linton Close, Little Weighton Road, Littlewood Road, Low Balk Road, Mace View, Magpie Avenue, Manorhouse Lane, Marsh Drive, Meadow Way, Megson Way, Melrose Park, Middlehowe Green, Middlehowe Road, Mill Lane, Minster Court, Minster Moorgate, Minster Moorgate West, Minster Way, Mint Walk, Moor Lane, Narborough Court, Newbald Road, Newbegin, Newton Drive, Nightingale Close, Normandy Avenue, North Bar Within, North End, Northgate, Norton Street, Norwich Court, Nursery Gardens, Old Manor Lawns, Old Waste, Oriel Close, Oxford Close, Park Lane, Pasture Lane, Pasture Terrace, Pelham Close, Poplars Way, Princess Way, Pudding Gate, Quaker Lane, Queensgate, Queensmead, Ratten Row, Redgates, Regent Street, Richmond Gardens, Richmond Walk, Richmond Way, Ripon Avenue, Risby Lane, Risby Place, Robert Wood Avenue, Romney Drive, Rosedale Walk, Royal Garth, Ruston Way, Sackville Close, Salisbury Avenue, Saturday Market, Saunders Croft, Saunders Lane, Sharps Lane, Shepherd Lane, Shepherds Close, Shepherds Lea, Sherwood Close, Shire View, Shorthill Croft, Simpson Close, Sloe Lane, Sorrel Close, Southwell Close, Southwick Court, Sow Hill Road, Speedwell Lane, Spinney Way, Springdale Way, St Albans Close, St Giless Croft, St Johns Close, St Martins Court, St Marys Terrace, St Matthews Court, Taylors Rise, Teal Close, The Haven, The Leases, Theakston Mews, Thelwall Close, Thurstan Close, Thurstan Road, Thyme Way, Tiger Lane, Townend Road, Vicar Lane, Victoria Road, Voase Way, Walkington, Walkington Heads, Walkington Road, Waltham Lane, Watson Drive, Waudby Close, Welton Close, Wentworth Close, West End, West Mill Rise, Westfield Garth, Westfields Drive, Westwood Gate, Westwood Road, Westwood Way, Willow Grove, Winchester Avenue, Wingfield Way, Wold Road, Wood Lane, Woodlands, Woodlands Drive, Woodmansey Mile, Wren Close, Wyth Carr Grove, Yeoman Drive, York Road