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Framed Print of Colchester CO3 8 Map

Colchester CO3 8 Map

Colchester CO3 8 Map
Postcode Sector Map of Colchester CO3 8.

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14"x12" (38x32cm) Framed Print of postcode sector maps/colchester/colchester co3 8 map
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Framed Print of Colchester CO3 8 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Colchester CO3 8

We are proud to offer this print in collaboration with Map Marketing

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14"x12" (38x32cm) Framed Print

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37.6cm x 32.5cm (14.8"x12.8")
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Made with high-grade materials
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Wood effect frame with 10x8 print in a card mount. Archival quality photographic paper. Overall outside dimensions are 14x12 inches (363x325mm). Features hardboard back stapled in with hanger and glazed with durable Styrene Plastic to provide a virtually unbreakable glass-like finish. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Moulding is 40mm wide by 15mm thick. Please note that, to prevent the paper falling through the mount window and to prevent cropping of the original artwork, the visible print may be slightly smaller to allow the paper to be securely attached to the mount without any white edging showing and to match the aspect ratio of the original artwork.

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